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TRIGON Chemie Datasheet


TEDA-DPG (33.3% Triethylenediamine in Dipropyleneglycol)
1,4-diazabicyclooctane, Oxydipropanol
Structural formula of  TEDA-DPG (TEDA-L33)
280-57-9 / 25265-71-8
EC no.:
205-999-9 / 246-770-3
Active content (%):32.8 - 33.8
Water (%):max. 0.5
Characteristic properties:
Appearance:colourless to yellowish liquid
Colour (Gardner):max. 5
Specific gravity at 20°C (g/cm³):ca. 1.03
Solidification point (°C):< -20
Boiling range (°C):194 - 204
Viscosity at 25°C (mPas):ca. 144
  • Standard catalyst in the production of polyurethane.
In foams, it activates the gas as well as the crosslinking reaction.
  • Catalyst in the production of polyether flexible foams.
  • Catalyst in the production of cold form foam and HR-foam.
  • Catalyst in the production of rigid foam.
  • It gives rigid foam a tough and elastic surface and increases the adhesion of PUR-rigid foam to flexible and rigid surfaces.
  • Catalyst in the production of integral foarm.
  • Catalyst in the production of cold-pour elastomers.
  • It is used in all cases where longer filling times are required.

    Shelf life: 6 months (from delivery date)
    200 kg drums
    HS Taric-no.:
    3815 90 90
    -- -
    12/2019 PR

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