Quality on the test bench

Quality control in our in-house laboratory

TRIGON Chemie has a state-of-the-art laboratory for constant quality control of our products. In order to ensure our customers high product quality, we carry out regular analyses of the products we trade. This clearly distinguishes TRIGON Chemie from many other chemical distributors.

What we test


In addition to determining physical parameters such as density, bulk density and melting point, we can also perform many of the common wet chemical analyses in our laboratory. These include acid number, saponification number, amine number, amine content, water content according to Karl Fischer, acidity/alkalinity, pH value, dry residue/dry loss, colour (Hazen, Gardner).

For instrumental analysis, we have a gas chromatograph (GC) and HPLC at our disposal. Should more specialized analyses be necessary, we also have a network of external laboratories with whom we have been working reliably for many years.

Our modern lab equipment

Product development and optimization

For preparative work, the laboratory is equipped with an automated laboratory reactor in which chemical reactions can be carried out in variable reactor sizes from 500 mL to 5000 mL. This enables the new development or optimization of production processes before they are implemented on an industrial scale.

Would you like to develop a new product or formulation but do not have your own R&D department?

Our quality


Product quality is paramount, especially in the chemical industry.

We are subject to the most stringent requirements – by our customers, our business partners and ourselves. Here at TRIGON Chemie, we have set ourselves the goal of not just meeting quality requirements, but exceeding them.

That is why we have had our quality management system certified. We have been meeting the requirements of the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 standard since 2009. Our quality management system forms the foundation of our learning and our desire to constantly improve. It is how we ensure that the trust our customers place in our products is well-founded and that our processes and products continue to improve.

Reach regulations

The REACH regulation is an EU chemicals regulation that governs the registration, evaluation, authorisation, and restriction of chemicals. REACH means “Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals.” The REACH regulation is valid in Europe since 2007 and is continuously updated.

REACH covers (almost) all chemical substances that are produced in the EU or imported into the EU in quantities of at least 1 ton per year. These must be registered with the European Chemicals Agency ECHA. The rule here is that the higher the quantity placed on the market, the more substance properties (especially in terms of effects on humans and the environment) must be determined.”

REACH registration is complex, time consuming and expensive. TRIGON Chemie has REACH-registered several substances in recent years and is also the lead registrant for some. We are in a continuous process of evaluating the REACH registration of further products. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any specific requirements related to REACH.

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