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My company is my passion

Dr. Paul Reinisch

Owner and Managing Director of the company since 2005

“I am grateful for the fantastic growth that TRIGON Chemie has achieved. Our success is owed to the fact that we always put our customers and suppliers first.”

Dr Paul Reinisch joined TRIGON Chemie in 1994. Prior to this, he had been working at Hoechst AG in Frankfurt am Main. As a chemist with experience in marketing and a native speaker of English, he was the right person to build upon the collaboration with Pentagon Chemicals (UK) Ltd. In 1997, Dr Reinisch acquired 30 percent of the shares in TRIGON Chemie, before becoming the sole owner of the company in 2005.

He is a passionate and dedicated leader and is always open to new ideas and innovations.

Further contacts


Andrea Leinhaas

Company Director / Financial Director
Andrea Leinhaas

Andrea Leinhaas has been a company director since 2006. She is also responsible for the company’s finances.

Dr. Simon Jonas

Head of Sales & Marketing

In 2023, Dr. Simon Jonas joined TRIGON Chemie as Head of Sales & Marketing.

Birgit Kirst

Quality Management I REACH
Birgit Kirst

Birgit Kirst manages the quality assurance department and is also your first point of contact for all matters concerning reach.

Dr. Mario Geffe

Head of the Laboratory
Herr Geffe

Dr Mario Geffe is in charge of the laboratory at TRIGON Chemie. Together with his team, he guarantees the high quality of the products that we supply and oversees the development of the specialty chemicals that we deliver across the world.

Andreas Baron

Purchasing | Legal Counsel | Procurement Manager
Gesetzes Zeichen

Andreas Baron is in charge of purchasing. He has worked at TRIGON since 2013.

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CIS countries

Mr. Arthur Shamkov


TRIGON Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Sagar Gokhale

Pune, India

Tel. +91-20-24530071 / 24530110 or

Sagar +91 9922 922875


Polymer Add (Thailand) Co. Ltd.

Mr. Aditya Jogdeo

Bangkok, Thailand

Tel. Thai : +66 804 531391

English: +66 839 415475 or


Mr. Zhaoyu

Shanghai, P.R. China

Tel. +86 21 6836 5562