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TRIGON Chemie Datasheet

Polyquat DMA/E 50

Poly[(2-hydroxypropyl)dimethylammonium chloride]
Methanamine, N-methyl-, polymer with (chloromethyl)oxirane
Structural formula of  Polyquat DMA/E 50
EC no.:
Appearance:clear, colourless to light yellow liquid
Active content, solid (%):49 - 52
Colour (Hazen):Max. 100
pH-value (telquel):5 - 8
Polyquat DMA/E 50 has been specially developed for the treatment of swimming pool water and offers many advantages over other swimming pool water treatment chemicals such as benzalkonium chloride, hypochlorite and chlorisocyanate. Polyquat DMA/E 50 has enduring biocidal properties and is nonvolatile. It is a non-foaming quat and not corrosive to pumps. I also helps deposit dust particles and other contaminants, giving swimming pool water a cleaner look.

Polyquat DMA/E 50 offers the following advantages:
  • very low toxicity
  • non irritation to eyes or skin
  • low odour
  • twice as effective as traditional benzalkonium chlorides
  • daily test of concentration are unnecessary
  • enduring biocidal properties
  • pH of water is not critical

Microbiological properties:
Polyquat DMA/E 50 is extremely effective against bacteria, fungi and algi etc. It is particularly effective against Chlorella vulgaris, the green algae in swimming pools.

The minimum growth inhibition rates are:

Escherichia coli (72 h, 37°C): < 120 ppm
Chlorella sacchrophilia (14 days, 20°C): > 100 ppm
Chlorella fusum (14 days, 25°C): > 100 ppm
Fusurium solani (72 h, 25°C): < 50 ppm
Pseudomona aeruginosa (72 h, 37°C): < 20 ppm
Chlorella vulgaris (14 days, 20°C): < 5 ppm

Further information:
At the beginning of the season, an initial shock-treatment of the swimming pool water using 20 - 40 ppm Polyquat DMA/E 50 is recommended to inhibit the growth of algae and fungi. After which, only a weekly dosage of 2 - 5 ppm (1 ppm = 1g/m³) is necessary. As Polyquat DMA/E 50 is polymeric quaternary compound (positively charged), it adhers to leaves, dust etc. It is therefore recommended to first mechanically clean the swimming pool with an appropriate brush / suction cleaner before using Polyquat DMA/E 50.
200 kg drums, bulk
HS Taric-no.:
2923 90 00
UN3082 9, III, (-)

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