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TRIGON Chemie Datasheet

Pentonium DQ50

C12-C18-n-Alkyl benzyl and C12/C14-n-Alkyl ethylbenzyl dimethyl ammonium chloride in water
Quaternary ammonium compounds, benzyl-C12-18-alkyldimethyl, chlorides
Structural formula of  Pentonium DQ50
EC no.:
Appearance at 20°C:clear, colourless to pale yellow liquid
Active content (%):50.0 - 52.0
Colour (Hazen):max. 200
Free Amine + Amine-HCL:max. 1.0
pH (10% solution in water):7.0 - 8.0
Characteristic properties:
Specific gravity at 20°C (g/ml):0.96 - 0.98
Pentonium DQ50 has a wide variety of application, the most usual of which are:

  • in hard surface disinfectants and cleaner disinfectants, i.e. in combination with nonionic
detergents for household, institutional and industrial use
  • in pump and aerosol type disinfectants and cleaner disinfectants
  • in fabric softener / sanitising products
  • in toilet bowl cleaners
  • swimming pool algaecide
  • cooling tower slimicide
  • Packaging:
    200 kg drums, 1000 kg IBCs
    HS Taric-no.:
    2923 90 00
    UN1760 8,II,(E )
    08/2012 PR

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