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TRIGON Chemie Datasheet

Glycerol tribenzoate (GTB)

1,2,3-Propanetriol tribenzoate
Glycerol tribenzoate
Structural formula of  Glycerol tribenzoate (GTB)
EC no.:
Apperance at 80°C:colourless to yellowish liquid
Apperance at 20°C:off-white coloured flakes or granulate
Purity (%):min. 98
Saponification no. (mg KOH/g):396 - 436
Acid no. (mg KOH/g):max. 2
IR-Spectrum:conforms to standard
  • GTB is a very safe plasticizer and is therefore used in the food-packaging industry on paper and
  • GTB is used in high concentrations in polyvinyl acetate-based adhesives. GTB is mixed into the
  • mixture at below, its melting point using a high shear mixer. If GTB in heated above its melting point (71°C), this results in an irreversible tackification and plastification of the coating.
  • GTB may be used in cellophane-packing to improve heat-seal properties,
  • without affecting colour and clarity of the film.
  • GTB is an excellent plasticizer and non-formaldehyde resin substitute in nail lacquer
  • formulations. It imparts superior du-rability and aesthetic properties.
  • GTB improves adhesion and water resistance of printing ink formulations.
  • Packaging:
    20 kg bags
    HS Taric-no.:
    2916 31 00
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