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TRIGON Chemie Datasheet

Dibutyltin dilaurate (DBTDL)**/***

Dibutyltin dilaurate
Structural formula of  Dibutyltin dilaurate (DBTDL)**/***
EC no.:
Colour (Gardner):Max. 3
Viscosity at 20°C (mPas):Max. 100
Tin content (%):17.9 - 18.9
Density at 20°C (g/ml):1.03 - 1.07
Characteristic properties:
Appearance:yellow to yellow-brown coloured liquid
Flash point, DIN 22719 (°C):178
Solidification point (°C):max. 5
Solubility:soluble in methanol, toluene and acetone
Catalyst in the production of polyurethane and curing of room temperature vulcanising silicon rubber. It also finds application as catalyst in the manufacture of silane-crosslinking polyolefins. It is also used in heat stabilisers in PVC.

This product can be stored for 6 months in original containers without loss of quality, if stored under suitable conditions (tightly closed, under cool, dry conditions, at 10-30°C). A turbidity can appear after long storage at temperatures below 0°C, which disapperar when the product is warmed and has no influence on product quality.

** In Germany, the reception is the subject of the ChemVerbotsV.
25, 30 or 220 kg drums
HS Taric-no.:
2931 90 00
UN3082 9,III,(-)
09/2020 PR

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