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TRIGON Chemie Datasheet

Benzyl benzoate 90 % saponated liquid

Benzyl benzoate
Structural formula of  Benzyl benzoate 90 % saponated liquid
EC no.:
Appearance:clear to slightly cloudy, pale light yellow
to amber liquid
Purity (%):min. 90.0
Acid no. (mg KOH/g):12.3 - 14.3
Amine no. (mg KOH/g):6.5 - 8.0
Density at 20 °C (g/ml):1.100 - 1.104
Water (%):max. 0.3
Benzyl benzoate saponated is used as an acaricide in the treatment of scabies. The patient is scubbed with soft soap in a hot bath open the burrows. Immediately after drying the affected area is treated with an emulsion prepared as follows:
Mix one part of Benzyl benzoate saponated with three parts of clean, filtered water. Shake vigorously to produce a stable white emulsion. A second application should be made on the following day. Although more than one course of treatment may be necessary. Benzyl benzoate saponated is more efficient, cleaner and easier to use than sulphur preparations.

Storage of Benzyl benzoate saponated at temperatures below 20°C may cause turbidity and separation of the product. Gentle warming to above 20°C and agitation, if necessary, will restore the product to its original clear form. Studies have shown that storage of Benzyl benzoate saponated for 12 months at a temerature of 50°C causes no deterioration in the product quality apart from a darkening in colour.
220 kg drums, ,
HS Taric-no.:
2916 31 00
UN3082 9,III,(-)
06/2015 PR

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