Our chemical structure

The TRIGON Chemie mission


TRIGON Chemie supplies specialty chemical products that are precisely tailored to meet the needs of our customers. We ensure that our chemical products are always available on time, in the required quantities and with the expected level of quality.


Our family company

TRIGON Chemie is a family company and we live these values every day: we believe in open, friendly and helpful collaboration. We communicate with others on equal terms – be it with our customers, suppliers, business partners and colleagues.


Our motivation

We are driven by the desire to make our customers happy. This is how we like to be measured – and how we like to measure ourselves.


Our goals

We are convinced that we will only reach our goals by establishing long-term partnerships. And treating others with appreciation and respect is a vital part of this. We work efficiently yet remain flexible in order to achieve our goals. We problem solve effectively and learn in the process, so we can keep improving.


Our values

We stand by the principles named in the UN Global Compact, which have been designed to make the global economy more socially responsible and economical. This means that we value and respect human rights and the environment, and that we act decisively against discrimination and corruption. We have put these values and more in writing in our TRIGON Code of Conduct.

The TRIGON Code of Conduct


We follow the ethical principles of honesty, fairness, integrity and mutual respect. Our global business activities are governed by a whole host of regulations. These statutory regulations are a sensitive topic, but it is a topic that is very important to us and one that we prioritise.

We are loyal to TRIGON Chemie. We believe in open, friendly and helpful collaboration. All employees are requested to report any serious violations of laws, internal regulations or the Code of Conduct to lawyer Andreas Baron (Rhoenstraße 31, 63571 Gelnhausen, Germany) in writing. Any information provided is treated confidentially and handled anonymously. The source of the information will not be treated any differently as a result.

As part of the  TRIGON team, we master today’s tasks and are prepared for those of tomorrow.



TRIGON Chemie has a varied and fascinating history. 

We have made many good decisions and have been in a constant state of development. 

And we are proud of this. Here is a brief overview of our company history:

Our quality


Product quality is paramount, especially in the chemical industry.

We are subject to the most stringent requirements – by our customers, our business partners and ourselves. Here at TRIGON Chemie, we have set ourselves the goal of not just meeting quality requirements, but exceeding them.

That is why we have had our quality management system certified. We have been meeting the requirements of the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 standard since 2009. Our quality management system forms the foundation of our learning and our desire to constantly improve. It is how we ensure that the trust our customers place in our products is well-founded and that our processes and products continue to improve.

Allow us to introduce:


Our headquarters lies in the heart of Germany – in the town of Schluechtern in the middle of Hessen. This is our base, where we decide the next steps for TRIGON Chemie.

Besides our company headquarters, we are also represented by five additional offices around the world. In the United Kingdom, CIS countries, India, Thailand and China. Come and visit us when you are next in the area.